Volcano is a Tier 1 dungeon for newer players.  This dungeon, along with The Woods, is intended for new players to get a feel for the dungeons.

Name: Volcano
Tier 1
Difficulty Wood
Time Short

Before Starting.Edit

At tier 1, you wont have access to too many items. The best you can start off with is the leather armor, and wood weapons from the shop. If you dont want to spend the money, you could easily get through the level 1 tiers without armor, or a bow. To the right is the recommended inventory for newcomers.

2014-05-31 16.00.37

Newcomer inventory


Players start off at the top of a mountain, the portal back to the den is visible to the north-east. (Players have a speed I effect, and should proceed carefully when navigating the rough terrain) Players can now head east along the volcano, looking down you will see lava, and 2 chests. With careful navigation it is possible to make your way down to the chests, be cautious as zombies will spawn. From the chests, the player should head north, and do some light parkour to make their way back up the volcano.

Players should proceed east, and make their way to the top of the volcano, once at the top, players should have a view down at the portal. Jump to the platform where the portal is, loot the chests, and finish off the dungeon. The final jump may seem far, but is easily completed with the speed effect. 

Note: There is a bonus chest beneath the platform where the portal is, the only known way to access it is to jump off and access it quickly, grabing as much loot as you can in the time it takes you to fall.


Volcano - Speed Run

Volcano - Speed Run