Invasion of Vallente is a group dungeon designed for 2 - 5 players.

As of 07/06/14 there is 6 confirmed chests within the dungeon. All can be obtained solo.

Before StartingEdit

Before you get started with this dungeon you need to make sure that you have full tier 4 armour, a good knock back sword and a bane of arthropods sword as well.

The knockback sword should be atleast knockback 4.

The bane of arthropods sword should be atleast level 3.

It is also recommended that you bring a potion of regen with you as area's can get heavy with creatures.


Walkthrough coming soon.

Chest LocationsEdit

1. Under the pier at the start. (Go off the boat and run off the pier to the left entrance under water in the wall)

2. Middle of the broken bridge. (You can jump across only on 1 side of the bridge)

3. In the nether quartz building. (Inside the roof, just go inside and up the ladder)

4. Left building, top floor in the courtyard with the statue. (It is hidden behind a pillar)

5. Right building, top floor int he courtyard with the statue. (It is hidden behind a pillar)

6. Inside the white building near the ravine. (Hidden behind the plinth)